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Thank you for choosing the MiniPwner.  Each MiniPwner version 2 kit includes:

  • TP-Link MR3040 Router
  • 16GB Cruzer Fit USB Drive. Already built with OpenWrt and the MiniPwner configuration
  • USB wall outlet power adapter and micro usb cable
  • 12 inch Ethernet cable
  • Caring case


There are two easy ways to purchase a MiniPwner.  You can order one from my good friends at Hacker Warehouse or order one directly from me.

If you are in a hurry, I would suggest you order your MiniPwner from Hacker Warehouse.  Since this is not my full time job, I will only be able to ship a few times a week, and there are times I have to travel for work so shipping will be delayed.


MiniPwner Direct

MiniPwner Version 2.0


All sale items are for legally authorized uses only. 

Use of the MiniPwner signifies your agreement to the MiniPwner EULA.

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