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MiniPwner EULA


MiniPnwer End User License Agreement/Terms of Use

Buy building, buying, or using a MiniPwner, you agree to be bound by all of the following terms:

  2. You the owner or user are totally responsible for anything you do with the MiniPwner or any of its components.  We the creator of the MiniPwner and the MiniPwner website are not.
  3. Consider the statement "Hello 911?  Someone just snuck into our office building and left a device under the conference table in the boardroom.  No I don't know what it is, but it has some blinking lights and wires."  Think about how Law Enforcement will respond to such a report.  Plan and communicate your actions accordingly.
  4. Not for terrorists or children under 3
  5. Re-read rule #1 out loud.
  6. We who created the MiniPwner and this website shall not be liable for any damages of any kind resulting from your use of the MiniPwner or its components.
  7. Not dishwasher safe.
  8. Don't use the MiniPnwer to guide airplanes, run hostpital equipement, or do anything else where a flaw or fault could cause risks for others.
  9. If something goes wrong, let me know and I'll probably replace it or give your money back.  That's the extent of my liability and your only remedy, so don't ask for more.

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