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First Time Setup



  1. Insert the provided USB drive into the 3G port of the TP-Link
  2. Plug the provided network cable into the Ethernet port of both your computer and the MiniPwner 
  3. Set a static IP on your computers Ethernet port to
  4. Provide power to the MiniPwner by plugging it into a wall outlet or into an open USB port on your computer
  5. Wait for the MiniPwner to boot (~30 seconds)
  6. Use an SSH client (such as Putty) to access the MiniPwner at on port 22
  7. The username is  root with a default password of:   minipwner

Now that you have access to the MiniPwner, you will want to change the root password.  Issue the passwd command and enter your password twice.


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