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Password Rest


Here's the steps to reset the root password on your MiniPwner.


  1. Power off the MiniPwner
  2. Using a paper-clip (or other small object) press the reset button
  3. Power on the MiniPwner
  4. Release the reset button after 8 seconds
  5. Wait for the MiniPwner to finish booting (about 30 seconds)
  6. If it works, only the power LED will be lit
    • If more than the power LED is lit go back to step 1
  7. Telnet to the MiniPwner at
  8. Enter: mount_root
  9. Enter: passwd
  10. Type a new password in twice
  11. Enter: reboot
  12. When the MiniPwner reboots use the new password to login

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