Micro Makey Makey

The Makey Makey is a simple device that uses an Atmega microcontroller impersonating a USB Keyboard. I’ve built a version that uses an Arduino Pro Micro I call the Micro Makey-Makey. The Micro Makey-Makey PCB board has connections for six connectors and two ground cables. This gives you enough to make a standard game controller. Here’s… Continue reading Micro Makey Makey

DerbyCon 5.0 2015

At this year’s DerbyCon Michael and Kevin gave two different talks. Below you will find the content for each. Michael’s Talk Is that a Router in Your Pocket or are You Trying to P0wn Me A PDF of the slide deck can be found here: DC2015_Is_that_a_Router_in_Your_Pocket_or_are_You_Trying_to_P0wn_MeA video of the talk can be found here. Kevin’s Talk Five… Continue reading DerbyCon 5.0 2015

HackCon 2016

Kevin’s Talk Hardware Security Projects Under $30  RFID Snooper/Spoofer Additional Talk Resources: Micro Makey Makey Helical Antenna Resources: Nexx3020 MiniPwner Mag Spoofer

Helix Antenna Kit

The helix antenna was built and described in the DerbyCon Five Hardware Hacking Projects under $30 talk. The instructions can be found here: Helix_Antenna_Build_Instructions

Build Your Own MiniPwner village at DerbyCon 2012

DerbyCon was Awesome, thanks for everyone who stopped by the MiniPwner village. To set your Pwner up with the same image that we used at DerbyCon, do this: You can download the DerbyCon flash image from:http://www.minipwner.com/20120514/openwrt-ar71xx-generic-tl-wr703n-v1-squashfs-derbycon.bin Once you flash your router with that image, there will be a file /usr/share/pwnsetup.shYou need to edit that file… Continue reading Build Your Own MiniPwner village at DerbyCon 2012

Build a MAM at CypherCon 3.0

Today marks the start of CypherCon 3.0 here in Milwaukee. Once again, we are lucky enough to be running a hardware hacking village. Attendees are able to stop over and build a Minimal Arcade Machine (MAM) based on an ATtiny85. You can find out more about the project and find the build documents here. -Michael

THOTCON Logic Analyzer Lab

The THOTCON Logic Analyzer lab walks you through inspecting different embedded protocol signals using a logic analyzer. To recreate the lab at home you’ll need a Logic Analyzer. The Lab used Saleae’s “Logic” v.1.2.4 software. You can use a Saleae Logic Analyzer device. Inexpensive $10 USB logic analyzer clones available on Amazon and Ebay work with the… Continue reading THOTCON Logic Analyzer Lab