HackCon 2016

Kevin’s Talk

Hardware Security Projects Under $30 

RFID Snooper/Spoofer Additional Talk Resources:

  • Instructions and board variants
  • RFID Snooper Arduino Source Code
  • RFID Spoofer PCB diagrams for commercial FAB
  • RFID Spoofer PCB diagram for etching
  • RFID Spoofer Arduino Source Code

Micro Makey Makey

  • Makey-Build
  • Makey_Makey_Clone_Build_Instructions
  • Micro_Makey_Arduino_Source_Code

Helical Antenna Resources:

  • Helix_Antenna_Build_Instructions
  • Helical Antenna Calculator
  • Helical Antenna Design Discussions

Nexx3020 MiniPwner

  • Instructions 

Mag Spoofer

  • Instructions and Source Code

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