THOTCON Logic Analyzer Lab

The THOTCON Logic Analyzer lab walks you through inspecting different embedded protocol signals using a logic analyzer.

To recreate the lab at home you’ll need a Logic Analyzer.

The Lab used Saleae’s “Logic” v.1.2.4 software. You can use a Saleae Logic Analyzer device. Inexpensive $10 USB logic analyzer clones available on Amazon and Ebay work with the Saleae software as well.

You’ll also need some devices to create signals. Here are some ideas:

  • Connect two Arduinos together and configure them to talk Serial, I2C or SPI
  • Buy a $10 RFID lock (available on EBay) and inspect the internal circuitry for various digital signals
  • Connect an Arduino to a Serial EEPROM and perform reads and writes, and inspect the data
  • Utilize Arduino add-on modules, such as an NFC RFID reader, and inspect the signals.

Here is the Lab Manual used for THOTCON 09.

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